Novedad editorial: Scenes of Intimacy Reading, Writing and Theorizing Contemporary Literature

Scenes of Intimacy
Reading, Writing and Theorizing Contemporary Literature
Editor(s): Jennifer Cooke
Media of Scenes of Intimacy
Published:     05-09-2013
Format:     Hardback
Edition:     1st
Extent:     208
ISBN:     9781441107268
Imprint:     Bloomsbury Academic
Dimensions:     6 1/8" x 9 1/4"

About Scenes of Intimacy

Scenes of Intimacy analyzes the representation of acts and relationships of intimacy in contemporary literature, the effect this has upon readers, and the ways these representations resonate with, complement, and challenge the concerns of contemporary theory. Opening with an in-depth interview with literary critic, Derridean, and novelist Professor Nicholas Royle, the volume contains eleven further essays that move from intimate scenes of familial and pedagogic legacy, on to representations of love, of sex, and finally to scenes of death and dying. The essays are textually attentive to how literary techniques create intimacy, and draw upon new and notable theoretical positions and critics from queer theory, affect studies, psychoanalysis, poststructualism and deconstruction to ask difficult and uncomfortable questions about intimacy and its representation. Across the genres of poetry, autobiography, journals, love letters, short stories and novels, Scenes of Intimacy shows that contemporary literature poses new possibilities and questions about our intimate relationalities, their failures and their futures.


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