Emotion Review |Enero 2016; 8 (1)

ER Enero 2016

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Special Section: Emotion and Law

  • Terry A. Maroney
    A Field Evolves: Introduction to the Special Section on Law and Emotion
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Robin L. Kaplan, Ilse Van Damme, Linda J. Levine, and Elizabeth F. Loftus
    Emotion and False Memory
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Phoebe C. Ellsworth and Adrienne Dougherty
    Appraisals and Reappraisals in the Courtroom
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Neal Feigenson
    Jurors’ Emotions and Judgments of Legal Responsibility and Blame: What Does the Experimental Research Tell Us?
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Stina Bergman Blix and Åsa Wettergren
    A Sociological Perspective on Emotions in the Judiciary
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Susanne Karstedt
    The Emotion Dynamics of Transitional Justice: An Emotion Sharing Perspective
    Full Text (PDF)



  • Rosalind W. Picard, Szymon Fedor, and Yadid Ayzenberg
    Multiple Arousal Theory and Daily-Life Electrodermal Activity Asymmetry
    Full Text (PDF)



  • Hugo D. Critchley and Yoko Nagai
    Comment: What Does Left–Right Autonomic Asymmetry Signify?
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Wendy Berry Mendes
    Comment: Looking for Affective Meaning in “Multiple Arousal” Theory: A Comment to Picard, Fedor, and Ayzenberg
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Greg J. Norman
    Comment: Emotional and Autonomic Arousal Constructs in Psychophysiological Research: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Dean Sabatinelli
    Comment: The Methodological and Conceptual Utility of Differentiating Emotional Arousal
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Michael Richter
    Comment: Where is the Theory? A Critical Comment on Multiple Arousal Theory
    Full Text (PDF)


Author Reply

  • Rosalind W. Picard, Szymon Fedor, and Yadid Ayzenberg
    Response to Commentaries on “Multiple Arousal Theory and Daily-Life Electrodermal Activity Asymmetry”
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Wendy Wood
    Reply to Gangestad’s (2016) Comment on Wood, Kressel, Joshi, and Louie (2014)
    Full Text (PDF)



  • Steven W. Gangestad
    Comment: Wood et al.’s (2014) Speculations of Inappropriate Research Practices in Ovulatory Cycle Studies
    Full Text (PDF)

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