Emotion Review |Abril 2016; 8 (2)

ER Abril 2016

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  • Emily Balcetis
    Approach and Avoidance as Organizing Structures for Motivated Distance Perception
  • Benjamin M.P. CuffSarah J. BrownLaura Taylorand Douglas J. Howat
    Empathy: A Review of the Concept
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Nils-Torge Telle and Hans-Rüdiger Pfister
    Positive Empathy and Prosocial Behavior: A Neglected Link
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Paula C. BarataSusan HoltzmanShannon CunninghamBrian P. O’Connorand Donna E. Stewart
    Building a Definition of Irritability From Academic Definitions and Lay Descriptions
  • Laith Al-ShawafDaniel Conroy-BeamKelly Asaoand David M. Buss
    Human Emotions: An Evolutionary Psychological Perspective
  • Elisabeth Norman and Bjarte Furnes
    The Concept of “Metaemotion”: What is There to Learn From Research on Metacognition?


  • Stephanie Cacioppo and John T. Cacioppo
    Demystifying the Neuroscience of Love
    Full Text (PDF)
  • William R. Jankowiak
    What is This Thing Called Love?
  • Arthur Aron and Elaine N. Aron
    An Inspiration for Expanding the Self-Expansion Model of Love
  • Jeanine K. Stefanucci and Dustin Stokes
    Commentary on Balcetis: On Some Limits to the Motivational Direction Approach
  • Justin Storbeck
    The Paradox of Parsimony in Motivated Distance Perception
    Full Text (PDF)
  • Derek M. Isaacowitz and Alexandra M. Freund
    Emotion, Goals, and Distance: A View From the Study of Adult Development and Aging
    Full Text (PDF)

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